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Trusted by industry leaders.

Trusted by industry leaders

Bondaval enable us to support our clients in a more efficient manner while offering even better protection to our balance sheet, all delivered through their simple and intuitive technology.

Tomas Kozma​
Credit Manager, BP
Bondaval have created the first new credit instrument I’ve seen in 30 years. 100%, non-cancellable protection that can be secured, adjusted, cancelled and called-on in real-time is a game changer.
Paul Martin
Managing Director, Attis Credit Solutions
We are excited to be collaborating with Bondaval in their unique approach to this specialty class and are very much looking forward to expanding and growing this opportunity together over the long term.
Julia Mansfield
Head of Specialty, Arch Capital Group
We are thrilled to partner with Bondaval. The team’s vision for transforming the world of B2B insurance is incredibly energising and we look forward to working closely on this powerful and promising journey.
Sima Adhya
Head of Innovation, Hamilton
Bondaval have created the first truly bespoke credit risk solution. Their technology, language and program structure enables a uniquely flexible and scalable product.
Kevin Sullivan
Vice President, OneSource Canada
Bondaval have empowered our credit team with a unique combination of certainty, efficiency & flexibility...the product provides us with complete balance sheet protection and is an important enabler for growth.
Stephen Rhodes
Managing Director, Highland Fuels

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