100%, non-cancellable receivables cover.

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Bondaval offers a superior alternative to traditional non-payment protection instruments, such as bank guarantees, cash collateral and letters of credit.

Our surety products are non-cancellable, provide 100% indemnity, have no collateral requirement, and can be secured online in seconds.

100% coverage.

Available ground-up or excess of loss.


With automatic renewal.

Fully flexible.​

Use alongside, or instead of, existing security.

Full control and visibility.

Integrate with your ERP, or use our standalone platform.

On-demand payment.​

Claims paid in 5-days.

Decide who pays.

Security can be paid for by supplier, buyer or split.

How it works

1. Register

Add buyers and limits.

2. Secure

One-click to secure.

3. Amend

Adjust limits in real-time.

4. Claim

Payouts within 5-days.

Delivered through the intuitive Bondaval platform.

Secure, monitor, amend and cancel credit limits instantly with full control and visibility using our proprietary platform, or connect via integration to your ERP.​

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How BP get fast, flexible cover on their counterparties.

From imperfect, analogue security instruments...

BP's credit team found existing security instruments to be capital inefficient and inflexible.

Asking their clients to put in bank guarantees was a long, opaque process, which tied up capital instead of promoting customer liquidity. flexible, digital cover with MicroBonds

With MicroBonds, BP were able to access 100% indemnity and non-cancellable cover, all administered in real-time through a bespoke, fully-digital platform.

For their customers, collateral was no longer locked up; they just paid a simple annual premium.

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non-cancellable cover

Bondaval enable us to support our clients in a more efficient manner while offering even better protection to our balance sheet, all delivered through their simple and intuitive technology.

Credit Manager, BP

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