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Platinum-grade, technology-enabled security,
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Up to 100% indemnity.

Get paid dollar-for-dollar in the case of losses.

Non-cancellable protection.

Fix your cover for up to 12 months.

Digitally delivered.

Move fast and lighten your administrative load.

Flexible to what you need.

Dial coverage up or down; pay how you want.

Complete credit protection solutions.

Blending trade credit with surety.

Our products.

Powerful, technology-enabled ways for sophisticated credit professionals to protect receivables against non-payment risk.


Our original solution for protecting against non-payment risk. Ideal for replacing bank guarantees and cash collateral at scale, or for extending limits on key buyers.

Trade Credit Insurance.

Comprehensive cover and competitive terms, delivered via our proprietary platform, so you can gain efficiency, insights and greater peace of mind.

Bondaval enable us to support our clients in a more efficient manner while offering even better protection to our balance sheet, all delivered through their simple and intuitive technology.
Credit Manager, BP
By changing to using Bondaval we moved over to a completely new way of thinking. But we’re happy we took the leap. It’s been a complete win-win.
Allison Ross
Credit Manager, Highland Fuels
We use Bondaval's products to facilitate sales growth; they’re a core part of risk management processes. Bondaval provides strong support and communication too; they’re like extra members of the team.
Tom Byrd
Sr Credit Manager, TACenergy
Not only do MicroBonds protect against insolvency risk, but by freeing up working capital, they can help to improve solvency for our customers.
Credit Manager
Global Oil Supermajor
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  • Non-cancellable coverage
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