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Choose certainty.

Secure a group of buyers with more complete, technology-enabled cover.

  • Non-cancellable coverage
  • 100% balance sheet protection
  • Secured and adjusted instantly via the Bondaval platform

Your portfolio of risks, at a glance.

Report on exposures, connect data sources and manage cover, all in one place.

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Customer Story

How Highland Fuels use a MasterBond as an alternative to credit insurance.

From a slow-moving, disconnected policy...

Commodity price volatility and inflexible existing credit solutions encouraged Highland’s credit team to explore alternatives to trade credit insurance.

Their previous system had slow responses and didn't help them manage their portfolio simply. fast, intuitive cover with 100% indemnity.

Highland Fuels have now used Bondaval's 100%, non-cancellable payment security as an alternative to credit insurance. And it's all managed via Bondaval's straightforward platform.

non-cancellable cover
S&P Rating

Bondaval have empowered our credit team with a unique combination of certainty, efficiency and flexibility. It’s an advanced solution that is setting a new benchmark for credit security; the product provides us with complete balance sheet protection and is an important enabler for growth.

Stephen Rhodes
MD, Highland Fuels

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