Extend more credit.

Without taking more risk.

Choose Certainty

Bondaval enables credit teams to offer higher limits to new and existing customers.

MicroBonds provide 100% balance sheet protection and can be secured online in seconds, offering growth without additional credit risk.

100% coverage.

No excess. No deductible​.


With automatic renewal.

Fully flexible.

Use alongside, or instead of, existing security.

Full control and visibility.

Integrate with your ERP, or use our standalone platform.

On-demand payment.

Claims paid in 5-days.

Decide who pays.

Security can be paid for by supplier, buyer or split.

How it works

1. Register

Add buyers and limits.

2. Secure

One-click to secure.

3. Amend

Adjust limits in real-time.

4. Claim

Payouts within 5-days.

Centralised, standardised platform

Secure, monitor, amend and cancel credit limits in real-time with full control and visibility using our cloud-based platform, or via integration to your ERP.​

Available for Renewal 2x

Our company

Fintech flexibility. Investment grade security.

Introducing MicroBonds. The Smart B2B credit instrument that gives blue-chip companies frictionless access to more capital efficient solutions.

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Our proprietary credit instrument provides frictionless access to more capital efficient solutions.

What our clients say

Bondaval enable us to support our clients in a more efficient manner while offering even better protection to our balance sheet, all delivered through their simple and intuitive technology.
Tomas Kozma​
Credit Manager, BP
Bondaval have created the first new credit instrument I’ve seen in 30 years. 100%, non-cancellable protection that can be secured, adjusted, cancelled and called-on in real-time is a game changer.
Paul Martin
Managing Director, Attis Credit Solutions
Bondaval have empowered our credit team with a unique combination of certainty, efficiency & flexibility...the product provides us with complete balance sheet protection and is an important enabler for growth.
Stephen Rhodes
Managing Director, Highland Fuels